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Improve Your Golf Game and Save Your Back

Golf and Back PainMany avid golfers contort their bodies into oddly twisted postures, generating a great deal of torque.  Couple this with a bent-over stance, repeat 120 times over three or four hours, add the fatigue that comes with several miles of walking, and you’ve got a good workout and a recipe for potential lower-back trouble.

As America’s love affair with the game continues to grow, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has advice on how to take a proactive approach that will prepare your body for  many years of pain-free play.

If you take the chiropractic approach, you’re in good company:

1.  Purchase equipment that fits.  Don’t try to adapt your swing to the wrong clubs.  A six-footer playing with irons designed for someone five inches shorter is begging for back trouble.

2. For the women in golf:  If you have ‘inherited’ your husband’s or significant other’s golf clubs, they might be difficult for you to use.  Not only are the clubs often too long, but the shaft is often not flexible enough for a women’s grip.  Women typically play better with clubs that are composed of lighter, more flexible material, such as graphite.

3. For the men in golf: Read More→