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Cold and Heat Instructions to Relieve Pain or Speed Injury Recovery

Use these instructions for applying cold and heat to relieve pain and speed recovery from injury.

Use cold packs 15-20 minutes to affected area at least 3 times per day.

  • Always use cold at the first onset of pain, stiffness, soreness and after an injury for the first 72 hours unless directed otherwise by Dr. Aiello.  Do not use heat during this time.
  • Cold packs can be made by putting crushed ice in a plastic bag. Wrap a damp cloth or towel around the bag and place on your skin.  (do not put ice directly on skin.)
  • Normally when using cold packs you will go through stages of sensation from cold to burning to aching, then numbness. Read More→

The Right Moves Can Add “Years” to Your Spine

Correct body movements and positions can help solve the process of degeneration and protect your back for life.  Every time you lie down, stand, sit, or bend, keep your spine in mind.  Dr. Aiello may recommend the following “right moves” or may have other recommendations for you. After a while, protecting your back will become second nature to you:

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